Meet Devel Sixteen – a 5000 hp hyper car

No, it is not a mistake in the title. In a few days’ time, at the Dubai Motor Show, we will be able to officially get to know the 5,000 horsepower vehicle.

I never thought I would write it, but the 1500-horsepower Bugatti Chiron engine is simply weak. We should stop being amazed with it. Because what will be presented in 5 days’ time at the Dubai Motor Show 2017 is simply beating him on his head. What exactly am I talking about?

Perhaps some of you remember, announced in 2013, a project of a car named Devel Sixteen, which was to be equipped with a 12.3 litre engine, quad-turbo V16 with a power of only 5 thousand horsepower (3.728 kilowatts). Most people, hearing about it, claimed that these were only impossible fantasies of the creators, who most likely also took inappropriate drugs in the morning. However, the word body has happened and after 4 years since the declaration, the prototype car is actually ready. According to the Road & Track portal, the hyper-car will be presented on 14th November at the upcoming Dubai Motor Show 2017.

The company responsible for its production assures that Devel Sixteen will be a car for easy, everyday driving, with all the profits we should expect from such a vehicle. They also added a little narcissistically that the unit available under the mask has a power of 10 supercars or more…. In fact, it is, for example, a car that has the power of 10 or more supercars. a little over 8 new Ferrari Portofino, or about 7 upcoming Aston Martin Vanquish.

Devel Sixteen

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