Here’s the new Tesla Roadster!

On the occasion of the presentation of the Tesla truck, Elon Musk made a big surprise and showed us a new version of the Tesla Roadster, which accelerates to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds.

Last night’s Tesla event was supposed to be a big echo in the media. Originally, we expected to see a truck from Tesla there, which so far has been nothing but rumours and creations of our imagination. The CEO Elon Musk decided to surprise all motoring fans and introduced the new Tesla Roadster to the world. We have heard about it since time immemorial, but despite this, the presentation of the car is a great surprise to us.

The vehicle is impressive at first glance. The car is characterized by a beautiful, streamlined silhouette, which can resemble the design of Porsche models. At the front, we can see the LED lights of an aggressive shape and numerous car body cuts and embossing. The back is dominated by a large diffuser, small, barely visible lights and a small spoiler that opens when needed. The Roadster name means, of course, that we will be able to get rid of the roof, and there are two seats inside. Although there is still room for a sofa at the back, it seems to be big enough to accommodate the driver’s handy luggage at most.

Going on to performance, let’s point out in advance that there is no error in the text. The car has three engines, one at the front and two at the rear, which means that all-wheel drive is used. The time Tesla Roadster needs for a rush from 0 to 60 mph is only 1.9 seconds. The first 1/4 mile distance will be reached in just 8.8 seconds. The torque of the wheels is 10000 Nm. The top speed is expected to fluctuate around 400 km/h. Thanks to the use of batteries with a capacity of 200 kWh, the range on one charge is about 620 miles. This means that we would be able to drive the route from San Francisco to Las Vegas on the single charge and we would still have some electricity left.

It is worth noting that all these values can still change. The final data will be included in the production version of the car. If you want to have your own Tesla Roadster right now, then booking a single model costs $50,000. The car itself was valued at a further $200,000. A special edition of the Founders Series is also available for $250,000.

According to plans, cars on public roads will be launched in 2020. The official public debut of the car will probably take place next January at the North American International Auto Show.

2020 Tesla Roadster

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