Leaky pictures of the new BMW 8 Series!

One of the most awaiting car of 2018 was photographed on the front and back before the camouflage was installed.

Photos were published first by the Czech portal Magazín ProDriver CZ, which claimed that the photos were taken in a factory of a German manufacturer. We can see that the car is ready to be fully covered.

Unfortunately, the quality of the photos is not very good, but the car looks much like the conceptual model which was presented in mid-2017. The car has a very solid bodywork, big clear lights and a streamlined body. Unfortunately, it is not possible to precisely disperse the model stamp. This unit has the xDrive drive logo, but it is not known whether it is 850i or 860i.

It was announced that in the most powerful version, the V12 engine with double turbocharging will hit under the bonnet.

BMW Series 8 – leak from the factory

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