Bentley Bentayga in Poland is the most problematic copy in the world

Buying a luxury and extremely expensive car is a recipe for a trouble-free way of transport? Surely not if you buy Bentley Bentayaga.

Bentley Bentayga is one of the most luxurious SUVs on the market today. It has all the features we can dream of in such a huge car, and the price of these pleasures is more than 350 thousand euros.

However, as it turns out, the car is not perfect in terms of quality. The case from Poland is extremely unusual. The car is constantly being serviced, and the mechanics of an authorized service point are not able to repair it. So far, the car has been in the service for 8 times, and the owner could not use it for a total of 92 days.

The car has problems with almost everything you need to use it. Suddenly during the ride, the lights, the interior lighting, the on-board computer stop working, there is a problem with pneumatic suspension, levelling the lights, parking sensors and even a problem with the driver’s door (we also do not know what exactly is going on).

How do you recognize the constant problems? The answer on the video below from the owner.

We do not know why the owner simply did not return the car to the showroom and did not apply for a refund and compensation. Perhaps he was very attached to this car. After all, the look is really good, it is extremely comfortable, and the exterior is enhanced by the Mansory design package.

Why does a car still break down? Unfortunately, this is not known. The symptoms presented on the above film look like a serious problem with electricians and fuses. The history of this car is unknown, but it seems like a car is flooded or has mechanically damaged electrical bundles. A serious factory-fault cannot be excluded either, but it is the first such case in the world.

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